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And I'll rise like the break of dawn
That perfect girl is gone

Frozen from 19-05-13



1940’s AU - KristAnna Kristoff is part of a barber shop quartet and Anna is the daughter of a wealthy business man who owns most of the buildings in town.Anna’s fiancee, Hans, is away on business for a while and during that time she decides to bring her sister out shopping to keep herself distracted. An unexpected stranger catches her eye as they walk down the street, a rather handsome a capella singer amongst the others in the quartet. He catches her staring and begins to sing to her.It would go on like this for days after, until one day she walked up to him, playfully plucked the hat from his head and ran over behind the wall of the next building.Teasing him, she refused to give it back. "M’aam, if you don’t hand that over I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you out on a date. Now, I don’t think you’d want that."She smiles and places the hat on her head, "where we goin’?"
Though they both understand that she’s already engaged, they fall in love. A month later Hans returns, just as the military begins to hastily recruit every able bodied young man to help in the war. He catches word of Anna’s little afair, and makes sure a service letter finds its way to Kristoff’s doorstep, telling him he is being recruited to fight.

Pretty please. Make this into fanfiction

We already have! :DIt’s being written by the wonderfully talented Jess! (feistypaants)'Til We Meet Again - Chapter 1

Madame Gaston, his little wife..

Maquettes at WDAS for Disney Frozen (via)


Don’t come back!

jolly holiday with my girl mary

My friend challenged me to try making a pink to blue dress. And this happened.

 I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.